jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

So Polite

Gracias a mis primeros comentarios! jaja! buneo, subo varias fotos de la sesion anterior en lo que espero que mi tarea de ingles se termine de caragar (I hate you mr. Troy! only your homework!), asi que en lo que el tonto comercial q dejo de tarea se guarde, tengo que seguir despierta, y yo ya quiero dormir, es mas necesito dormir... bueno, les dejo fotos, espero que les gusten! Ah y si s epreguntan porq me quejo d etener sueño si esto se esta publicnado en la tarde.. es poqrque ahorita a la una y algo de la mañana estoy escribiendo mi post, para mañana, que ya no este muriendo publique el post.. estoy medio loca y eso pero todavia se cual es la hora de dormir! :)


Okay, due to several comment in english, I have decided to make this a bilingual blog, thank God I have a few notions of english, so if I say something wrong.. just remember its not my lenguage and i have only studied it on school, and right now I'm not liking my english teacher, because im still awake because of his stupid homework of making a commercial! yup.. you read it a COMMERCIAL! is the most stupid commercial ever.. if I'm not embarrassed I will show the link to youtube, but I don't think I will hehe.
Well, first of all, I'm going to explain what you missed... I just started my blog with a special project! to create clothes, take pictures of it and upload it each wednesday. So that's mainly it. This is my first photoshoot! so be nice! and comment! always good to know what you think! So I hope you enjoy! Oh.. and by the way, if you are wondering.. why is she crazy and wanna sleep if the entry is in a noon hour? well... im writing the stuff right now at one o clock in the night (yeah i am supersleepy at that time.. and i have school tomorrow), but i will publish it until tomorrow.. ao yeah, i am creazy, but i can still tell when its time to sleep and when is not.

5 comentarios:

  1. hola eleana! :) soy ana lucia jeje
    me encanto la ropa q traen! he decidido q talvez usare mi blog jajaj ...

  2. heey, soy alina yo tmb me hice blog, estaba super aburrida y como no sali en todo el fin decidi hacerlo de una vez

  3. awesome photoshoot!!
    did you actually make those clothes yourself..well it looks amazing :)
    I love that ruffle skirt..

    eclectic du jour

  4. te la bañaste eleanaa la ropa y las fotos estan conganas
    me encantaron enserio
    at. mariam arreola

  5. This photoshoot es muy bien!


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