miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

You are mad, entirely bonkers. But i´ll tell you a secret... all the best people are

IM SO SORRY! I know I've been a bad blogger... sorry blog!! Well I was going to upload last week, but wednesday I came home really late to sleep and thursday I went to Coldplay's concert (which by the way was freakin' AWESOME!). This is my last shoot, it was taken a while ago, and I really liked it! I had so much fun, it was taken in the garden of my best friend's grandmother, and she gave us a lot of vintage stuff to work with, I had already some things from my own home, but what she gave me was just priceless.
As usual, the models are Mare Nelli and Jimena Terán. This time my friend Jorge couldn't take the pictures, so I did, as well as the clothing. I truly hope you like this!

Curiouser and curiouser!

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  1. wowww nice pics, i bet you have the best of the assistants, and she is probably gorgeous.

  2. wow :)
    amazing photos!
    and the clothes, so adorable.
    i would love to wear something like that!

    funny as,
    i put the exact same quote from Alice in wonderland in my last blog, ha!

    great minds think alike!

    check it out,


  3. Hey Courtney, I tried posting in your blog, but i simply couldn't! I think I have to be a subscriber or something like that.

    I agree! It's all about grate thinking! haha.. btw I LOVE that quote! and your hair! and thank you a lot for commenting on my blog! those comments keep me on working, so you are welcomed to visit and post as much as you want!

    Thanks a lot! I will be checking out your blog :D xoxo!

  4. Loved everything: the photographs and the clothing, the place where the photos were taken. Gorgeous models by the way. Great work, keep it up. You are truly inspirational.


    Me encanto Eleana! jaja ya me habias enseñado las fotos pero pues no me habia puesto a verlas BIEN... la quote esta padrisima!
    me encanta alice jeje en especial sus outfits!
    por cierto, vi varios vestidos y asi q eran inspirados en alice.. creo q unos eran de vivienne westwood pero no me acuerdo muy bien asi q no te lo aseguro! jaja... lo tengo en una revista, luego checo bien de quien era!

    Oh y ya tengo la nueva revista de teen vogue!! ... luego me la llevo junto con la pasada y te las presto! :P

    te qieroooo! :)


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